Welcome to the Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF) resource page.


A courtesy copy of the FY20 TCF Solicitation can be found here.


The pre-recorded FY20 TCF Solicitation Webinar can be found below:


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Slides from the FY20 TCF Solicitation Webinar can be found here.


Letter of Commitment template can be found here


A copy of the FY20 Full Proposal TCF Budget Template can be found here.


FY20 Technology Commercialization Fund Questions and Answers (Q&A) can be found here.


To respond to reviewer comments:

To respond to reviewer comments, please log in to PROPs: https://proposalsott.inl.gov. Users can re-set their passwords from the login screen, if necessary. Click “Applications” in the top navigation bar, which will open a grid with your proposals. There is a column at the far right called “Reviewer Comments.” Click the “See Comments” link to see the reviewer comments for each proposal. A window opens up to display the comments. There is a single text box at the bottom of that window, which will accommodate up to 2,500 characters. Use the “save” button to both save and submit your comment response.